google069017de8b1ba93c.html Oral Sex Suicide and the Projectyle Lifestyle.

Bali Hutah is truly an ispirational Choas bitch goddess.

You just have to see what its like to bicycle 20 miles through the Heart of the City of Brotherly Love.  Come explore Philadelphia with my on my morning commute!


Enjoy the latest ambient background music from our life to yours. FlexXtremist.

If you are still heaving from your last Oral Sex Suicide attempt, this should help calm you down….enjoy the soothing

short and spacious, check out another teaser from Oral Sex Suicide’s debut release, “Penis Positive”…due July 4, 2013

Have a quick listen to this heartfelt love song….Cock Hostage.

Have a listen to some new Oral Sex Suicide vibe.

This is Oral Sex Suicide in purest bluesy form.  One man, one guitar, one take…and the results are the mellow instrumentation lamentation called, Another Failed Attempt. 

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#oralsexsuicide These Thoughts performed live at Eris Temple Arts 12-1-12

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